Classifier nodesΒΆ


You can download all the code on this page from the code snippets directory

New in MDP 2.6 is the ClassifierNode base class which offers a simple interface for creating classification tasks. Usually, one does not want to use the classification output in a flow but extract this information independently. By default classification nodes will therefore simply return the identity function on execute; all classification work is done with the new methods label, prob and rank. However, if a classification node is the last node in a flow then it is possible to perform the classification as part of the normal flow execution by setting the execute_method attribute (more on this later).

As a first example, we will use the GaussianClassifier.

>>> gc = mdp.nodes.GaussianClassifier()
>>> gc.train(np.random.random((50, 3)), +1)
>>> gc.train(np.random.random((50, 3)) - 0.8, -1)

We have trained the node and assigned the labels +1 and -1 to the sample points. Note that in this simple case we do not need to give a label to each individual point, when only a single label is given, it is assigned to the whole batch of features. However, it is also possible to use the more explicit form:

>>> gc.train(np.random.random((50, 3)), [+1] * 50)

We can then retrieve the most probable labels for some testing data,

>>> test_data = np.array([[0.1, 0.2, 0.1], [-0.1, -0.2, -0.1]])
>>> gc.label(test_data)
[1, -1]

and also get the probability for each label.

>>> prob = gc.prob(test_data)
>>> print prob[0][-1], prob[0][+1]
0.188737388144 0.811262611856
>>> print prob[1][-1], prob[1][+1]
0.992454101588 0.00754589841187

Finally, it is possible to get the ranking of the labels, starting with the likeliest.

>>> gc.rank(test_data)
[[1, -1], [-1, 1]]

New nodes should inherit from ClassifierNode and implement the _label and _prob methods. The public rank method will be created automatically from prob.

As mentioned earlier it is possible to perform the classification in via the execute method of a classifier node. Every classifier node has an execute_method attribite which can be set to the string values "label", "rank", or "prob". The execute method of the node will then automatically call the indicated classification method and return the result. This is especially useful when the classification node is the last node in a flow, because then the normal flow execution can be used to get the classification results. An example application is given in the MNSIT handwritten digits classification example.

The execute_method attribute can be also set when the node is created via the execute_method argument of the __init__ method.