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Class IdentityNode

Execute returns the input data and the node is not trainable.

This node can be instantiated and is for example useful in complex network layouts.

Instance Methods [hide private]
Return the list of dtypes supported by this node.

Inherited from PreserveDimNode (private): _set_input_dim, _set_output_dim

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    Inherited from Node
__add__(self, other)
__call__(self, x, *args, **kwargs)
Calling an instance of Node is equivalent to calling its execute method.
__init__(self, input_dim=None, output_dim=None, dtype=None)
If the input dimension and the output dimension are unspecified, they will be set when the train or execute method is called for the first time. If dtype is unspecified, it will be inherited from the data it receives at the first call of train or execute.
_check_input(self, x)
_check_output(self, y)
_check_train_args(self, x, *args, **kwargs)
_execute(self, x)
_inverse(self, x)
_pre_execution_checks(self, x)
This method contains all pre-execution checks.
_pre_inversion_checks(self, y)
This method contains all pre-inversion checks.
_refcast(self, x)
Helper function to cast arrays to the internal dtype.
_set_dtype(self, t)
_stop_training(self, *args, **kwargs)
_train(self, x)
copy(self, protocol=None)
Return a deep copy of the node.
execute(self, x, *args, **kwargs)
Process the data contained in x.
Return the index of the current training phase.
Return dtype.
Return input dimensions.
Return output dimensions.
Return the number of training phases still to accomplish.
Return dtypes supported by the node as a list of dtype objects.
Return True if the node has multiple training phases.
inverse(self, y, *args, **kwargs)
Invert y.
Return True if the node is in the training phase, False otherwise.
save(self, filename, protocol=-1)
Save a pickled serialization of the node to filename. If filename is None, return a string.
set_dtype(self, t)
Set internal structures' dtype.
set_input_dim(self, n)
Set input dimensions.
set_output_dim(self, n)
Set output dimensions.
stop_training(self, *args, **kwargs)
Stop the training phase.
train(self, x, *args, **kwargs)
Update the internal structures according to the input data x.
Static Methods [hide private]
Return True if the node can be trained, False otherwise.
    Inherited from Node
Return True if the node can be inverted, False otherwise.
Properties [hide private]

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    Inherited from Node
List of tuples:
Input dimensions
Output dimensions
Supported dtypes
Method Details [hide private]


Return the list of dtypes supported by this node.
Overrides: Node._get_supported_dtypes

Static Method

Return True if the node can be trained, False otherwise.
Overrides: Node.is_trainable
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